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The Preschool commenced in 1974 and was located in the former hall of the Gunnedah Baptist Church, where 20 children attended each day. In 1975, an additional room (the Blue Room) was added to the former hall, allowing 40 children to attend each day. The Gunnedah Baptist Child Care Association Limited was formed in 1986 with an inaugural Board of Directors. 1998 the new extension (the Yellow Room) was completed, and the original classroom was converted to office space. This year (2017) we are again expanding and have started the construction of a new room which will be known as the Green Room.




The Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool is managed by the Board of Directors of the Gunnedah Baptist Child Care Association Limited, which is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation.




Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool Philosophy is guided by ‘Being, Belonging, Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework’ and the National Quality Framework.
The Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool seeks to provide an excellent early childhood education in the context of a caring, kind and compassionate environment that reflects God’s love to all children and families. This will be achieved by:

  • Providing a secure, happy, healthy and caring environment which is non threatening and inclusive of all involved.
  • Recognising each child as a unique individual with special abilities, interests and background.
  • Integrating children with additional needs into the daily program wherever possible.
  • Promoting the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual development of children to enable them to become successful learners and confident and creative individuals who will be well prepared for their more formal years of education.
  • Implementing a well balanced curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework of Belonging, Being, Becoming and sustainable practices.
  • Respecting and being sensitive to the different cultures, backgrounds and abilities of all families represented at the Preschool.
  • Holding regular meetings with management, staff and parents to encourage cooperation and good communication.
  • Committing to continuous review and improvement of the goals and daily activities of the Gunnedah Baptist Community Preschool.
  • Encouraging children to extend their skills by supporting them with personal challenges and responsible risk taking.


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We employ 14 highly qualified staff members which provides a stable and familiar environment for your child. This enables children to settle quickly, feeling secure and supported, while families are able to develop a close rapport with our staff. Each staff member brings to the team a variety of skills and talents, which enhances your child’s learning experience.